Matt is one of the wisest and most influential colleagues with whom I’ve had the pleasure to work. He was my go-to person to discuss the tough and uncomfortable situations that you often face in the consulting world, and he always had excellent advice. Our interactions were thorough and his advice was always practical and on-point. Matt has a passion for helping others achieve their goals and career aspirations, and he takes joy in doing so.  – Irfan

I worked with Matt during my last career transition as I attempted to change not just roles, but also industries. Matt was a positive and proactive mentor. He offered concrete, actionable advice on many aspects of my transition, including effective networking and interview preparation. A job search can be overwhelming and frustrating at times, but my experience was significantly improved due to Matt’s thoughtful guidance.  – Daniel

Matt has played a significant role in my career from a professional and personal perspective. He’s an individual who always looks for growth opportunities and is focused on the success of those around him. Matt aims to provide guidance on how to reach new levels and dedicates time to coach and mentor. I have been able to apply the skills and knowledge he has shared in my current role. It has been a pleasure working with Matt and I would recommend his services to anyone who would like to continue to grow and develop in their careers.  – Shifali

Matt is a great teammate! As of early 2017, I’ve known Matt for the better part of 5 years, and have watched him rise professionally over this time. One of Matt’s greatest attributes is his ability to listen and provide feedback to stimulate a more provocative self Q&A. I’ve hit the professional crossroads a few times over the last 5 years, and Matt is one of the individuals I solicit advice from prior to making any decisions. Matt helps me weigh pros and cons of my decisions and provides real guidance when decision making gets tough. – Fredy

Matt has helped me broaden my professional horizon, exposing me to the challenging world of consulting, which is something I would have never considered. Through our discussions and his guidance, I have learned a tremendous amount from him about what it takes to turn a passion into a project and or career.                 – Patrick N

Matt has definitely helped me a lot professionally in the past. He helped me define personal and professional goals on a project and we were able to make them realistic yet challenging, along with defining clear actions and metrics to evaluate progress. It allowed me to look back at my growth and stay motivated. Thank you!    – Mengsha

Matt is a great mentor and coach and really helped me during my time in a project manager role where I was struggling to see the benefits of the role to my career. Matt is a great listener and motivator and helped me focus on the positives of the job and how to leverage my strengths in it. I definitely enjoyed his support and help in my career development.  – Edison

Matt was a great mentor and dependable resource for me as I started my career. Matt took the time to have bi-weekly meetings with me to make sure I was progressing with my professional goals. During these meetings, he provided insightful and actionable feedback. Matt also went out of his way to send relevant current events and updates that he thought would benefit me. Matt has taught me what it means to be a trusted advisor and I am very thankful for all of his guidance.  – Margaret

The biggest gain I experienced from Matt is confidence. He helped me network with others but at that point, I had been searching for a job for five months and was getting discouraged. After numerous phone interviews and months of applying I was still jobless. I was grateful that Matt was able to also help answer my interview questions. He told me how interviewers look for traits in a candidate even if their credentials don’t meet the requirements and it really gave me a boost in confidence. I used to think I needed to match up exactly to each job posting but Matt helped me understand that’s not always the case. In a job search, you never know how truly close you are to the end until it happens. Talking with Matt gave me the confidence to continue to push. I got the job I interviewed for one week after meeting with Matt!  – Patrick H.